Realization of the American Dream

Shimon Horowitz has come a long way from his first job as a taxi driver. A century ago, his story would have been used as an advertisement by shipping companies hoping to transport migrant workers to America, where the streets were supposedly lined with gold.
Today, Shimon’s story is an inspiration to all. It’s proof positive that a mix of determination, good cheer, and a dash of chutzpah can propel an inner city taxi driver to CEO of a rapidly growing company.

U-hauls and shrink wrap

Shimon’s first forays into the world of commercial shipping involved ad-hoc solutions and disbelieving toll-booth operators at the Lincoln Tunnel. You can find out more about it on facebook,

Keeping pace with demand

Within a few short years, Shimon’s Express grew to include a fleet of vans and trucks, fully equipped to transport a variety of products with ease. Shimon’s now employs seventeen full time workers, and offers both local (NY, NJ, CT) and long distance (within the Continental U.S.) delivery.

 Powered by great service

Ask any of Shimon’s steady clients what they like best about the service, and you’ll probably get a variety of answers. Some love the ease with which they can arrange the deliveries. Some cite the same-day delivery. Many mention Shimon’s favorite phrase, “Let’s make it happen!” that energizes the workforce. Nearly everyone comments on the notable absence of long forms and voicemail roundabouts.

Bottom line: Shimon’s service beats to a quick pulse, and clients love that!

  What next?

As you read this, work is underway to create an app that will streamline your workflow and increase your reach in new and exciting ways. Stay tuned!