tiny-bird   How Shimon’s Express helps take your business to the next level

Businesses don’t generally grow at an even, predictable pace. There can be a flood of orders one month, followed by a dry spell, and then increased interest again. For a while, you can expect to constantly scale internal systems and staffing levels.

Shimon’s flexibility and speed allows you to react quickly to these shifting trends, even without hiring additional staff:
Minimal paperwork allows you to focus more on the incoming orders than on the outgoing orders.
Speedy shipping, including same-day shipping rates you high with clients and encourages reorders.

tiny-bird   Holidays, back-to-school, or allergy season – Shimon’s got your back

If your business rides all year on its strong seasons, you know how important it is that those orders be handled well. Shimon’s will guide you in scheduling shipments so that they arrive on time. You’ll have all the information you need to market with confidence, on-time shipping guaranteed.
Last minute order surge? There’s nothing we like more than exceeding your expectations.

tiny-bird   Importing? Exporting? Shimon’s takes the load off

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to develop overseas relationships. Businesses of any size can profit from importing and exporting.
There are several reasons why companies decide to do business across borders. Suppose you have a great product unavailable elsewhere. Or perhaps you’ve sourced products that aren’t available in the States. By working closely with manufacturers or distributors, you have the potential for high revenue. Another possibility is importing or exporting raw or partially finished materials, which can enable a more cost-efficient manufacturing process.

If you’ve been considering importing or exporting, but are put off by the hassle, you’ll be pleased to know that you can leave the home-turf transport to Shimon’s reliable drivers. While you attend to your business, your shipment will clear customs and be on its way to you or the location of your choice.